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Will you meet to discuss my hopes and dreams for my website?

Absolutely. Although most communication can be done via email and/or phone before, during, and after the design process, I am willing to meet you if you live in the Kansas City area.

Are you serious that I can really make updates to my site myself?

YES! Do you use Microsoft Word? Have you ever typed an email? Then you can easily update your site. All EastGate packages include personal training and a user-manual to help you walk step by step through how to update your site with ease in minutes!

What does "Unlimited Page Creation Potential" Mean?

Since your web-site is being built on a powerful content management system, you will be able to update and expand your site easily. You can create an unlimited amount of custom pages showcasing your blogs, text, images, and other media (audio, video, notes). This does not mean that EastGate will add complementary new components to your site (a new store, calendar, resource page, etc) but that you can take the existing components in your package and expand them. These new pages can easily become new menu items or just expand existing menu items. EastGate builds the infrastructure, you can expand it to infinity and beyond!

Can you break down the pricing structure for me? I don’t want any hidden fees!

My goal is to be as clear as possible about my simple pricing structure. After the one-time project fee is accepted, your website will be created within a one-month time-frame (at the most!). After it is launched, you will only have a $120 YEARLY fee for your hosting and email accounts. This gets you unlimited space to expand your site and plenty of bandwidth for the multitudes of users that will be checking out your awesome site! It also keeps your email accounts, which also have unlimited space, running full-time.

What if I need help with updates after my site is launched?

We have trained 35+ clients young and old to update their own websites, and fully believe you can do it too! During the training we will make sure you are ready and, equipped with your step-by-step guide, will be able to update your own site from then on. After a one-month grace period post-launch, should you need additional help I can be contracted out for my hourly rate of $50.

Is there a contract I have to sign?

There is no contract! Once you pay your one-time fee and first year of hosting service, you are a month-to-month customer. You can cancel at any time!

How do you accept payment?

We accept personal checks or major credit cards through Paypal.

Will my site look as good as yours, and the ones I see in the portfolio?

At EastGate we continue to push the bar of creative expression to come up with elegant designs that showcase professional content in a simple and effective way. You have my total commitment to make your site everything it can be. Furthermore, the site is built online, so you can track the progress and make suggested changes if necessary before we launch the site. All sites come with rotating header graphics, dynamic menus, images showcasing areas of the site, and clean layouts. I’m getting excited just thinking about your new project - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.?